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Wire Transfers

A wire transfer is an electronic payment service for transmitting funds by wire (for example: the Federal Reserve Wire Network or SWIFT, etc.) NOA Bank offers wire transfer services to conveniently transfer funds, fast and efficiently, both domestically and internationally, in U.S. Dollars or Foreign Exchange. You can conveniently wire money to a relative or send a payment to a vendor. The amount of transfer can be debited from your existing bank account.

Feature and benefits

Send money overseas or across the country Funds can automatically be debited from your bank account Deposit payments to vendors

Incoming Wire Transfer Fees

Customer : $5 per domestic transfer & international transfer

Outgoing Wire Transfer Fees


Domestic Wire Transfer : up to $5,000 - $15
over $25,000 - $25
over $25,000 - $30
International Wire Transfer : up to $10,000 - $20
over $10,000 - $30


$35 per transfer / $1,000 max (cash only)

Wire Instruction

Intermediary Bank:         Independent Banker’s Bank of Florida

        Intermediary ABA No:   063111596

Beneficiary Bank:             NOA Bank

        Beneficiary ABA No:       061121180




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